re:publica 18: How To Fight Conspiracy Theories – Richard Gutjahr and Lenny Pozner (extended)

Let's give people a free-to-use tool to publish whatever they want, whenever they want, to an audience worldwide in real-time. What could possibly go wrong? In this extended conversation, Richard Gutjahr talks to Lenny Pozner, founder of, how he became a target of conspiracy theorists and what he learned in his five-year fight against Google,

M. G. Mancini Speaks with WATR Radio 10-13-2017

M. G. Mancini Speaks with WATR Radio 10-13-2017 "Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants." As harassment of victims of tragedies increases, HONR Network urges responsible citizens to take action against hoaxers. "It's the right thing to takes 60 seconds of your time." Visit to make your voice heard.