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re:publica 18: How To Fight Conspiracy Theories – Richard Gutjahr and Lenny Pozner (extended)

Let's give people a free-to-use tool to publish whatever they want, whenever they want, to an audience worldwide in real-time. What could possibly go wrong? In this extended conversation, Richard Gutjahr talks to Lenny Pozner, founder of honr.com, how he became a target of conspiracy theorists and what he learned in his five-year fight against Google,

Peace and dignity for victims of mass shootings.

My name is Lenny Pozner. On December 14, 2012,  thirty minutes after dropping off my 6-year-old son at his elementary school, a mentally ill man stormed the Sandy Hook Elementary School in my small town of Newtown, Connecticut, systematically murdering 6 teachers and staff members and 20 little children. My son, Noah, was shot and

Professor James Tracy Continues to Antagonize Lenny Pozner

Professor James Tracy presently continues to antagonize me, despite his legal tribulations with FAU surrounding his views on the validity of the Sandy Hook shooting and my son Noah’s death. In 2015, an article published about the Professor’s harassment of myself and my then wife prompted him to write a letter to the Florida Sun-Sentinel,