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How to Stop the Spread of Fake News After National Tragedies

After losing his son in the Sandy Hook shooting, Leonard Pozner has become a prominent activist in stopping the spread of disinformation and conspiracies online. Five years ago, Leonard Pozner lost his son Noah in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Within days, conspiracy theorists—including a Florida Atlantic University professor—were questioning whether the massacre even

Boca Raton Florida Police Department

My name is Leonard Pozner, and I am the parent of a child who was murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14th, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. After the horrific death of my 6-year-old son Noah, my family relocated to Boca Raton, FL, hoping to find a calm environment in which to

FAQ – What to Expect from Hoaxers Post Shooting

You’re probably reading this because the unthinkable happened, as it has happened many times over the last several years. Someone you know and love has died in a Mass Shooting, and shortly thereafter a group of often anonymous internet personalities have begun to harass and defame you as a “crisis actor,” in their delusional cult

If Grief is a Process

If... A very small word isn't it? But to the parents and siblings and family and friends of someone who has died, the word If becomes a huge word with so many connotations. ‘If only I hadn't...If I didn't...If it wasn't...If she...If he......’ We can all play the ‘If’ game and we can apply it